Back and some vintage pics

I found some vintage drawings which appeal to me mostly because of the positions the women are in to receive their punishments.

The 'over the knee position' is my all time favourite. It is very personal and oh so embarrassing.

So here's the first drawing:

And I do find the following position very 'appealing' occasionally. It takes a girl by surprise when she is suddenly grabbed by her arm and forced to bend forward, her dress/skirt lifted and her knickers are taken down to her knees. Before she realises what is happening the first stroke lands on her bare bottom. She might try to get out of her 'punisher's' grip but is held firmly in place and can't escape her punishment.

I wonder why sometimes such a punishment cannot even wait until the girl bends over something like a stool, bed or the spankers knee for example. Maybe it has to do with the 'surprise - effect' ?

There is more to come soon .....


Taking a break....

...after a stressfull time.

I will be away on holiday and not be able to post here for a while.

So please bear with me and don't think I neglect my blog deliberately !!! ;-)

Until then and have a nice summer everyone !


Busy time and thin white knickers ...

... which wouldn't offer much protection ;-)

Being way too busy these days, so in the meantime am posting a few pics which I found on my computer.

Now I better get back to work or otherwise I will get spanked (or punished more severely) sooner or later.
Will post more soon.


Pink socks and the belt

Having been sent to the bedroom for staying up way too late ...
My guardian made me strip down to my knickers and socks. He told me to lay on the bed and wait for him.
To my horror he took out the heavy belt and laid it on top of me before he left the room.
I was made to wait which seemed like forever ... I curled up on the bed and waited ...

... nervously.


Taken to the bath ...

.... for not tiding up after I was repeatedly told to.
I was just too lazy on a Sunday afternoon and decided to relax. Now my bottom had to pay for it.

First I was made to stand in the tub ...

... then water was sprayed on my bottom with my knickers still on. As you can see, my knickers were pulled inside only for one purpose ...

... to feel the dreaded bathbrush on my bottom cheeks which turned bright red ...

... after 20 swats my bottom was all sore and stingy.
Though my punishment wasn't completely over as I thought by that time ...
... I was made to stand in the tub for about 10 minutes with my knickers down and bottom on display ... to contemplate ...

... afterwards I had to promise to tidy up in the future.

So hopefully I learned my lesson !


Outdoor spankings

I have always been fasctinated with outdoor spankings ...
So far I only got spanked outdoors once. I don't even remember why that was !
I was taken into a quiet corner of a friend's garden. My short skirt was lifted and my knickers were pulled down to my knees. I was told to stand there with my hands on my head and got a few swats on my bare bottom which was very humiliating (I was so concerned the neighbours would see or hear ! ) yet so exciting !
After that little 'outdoor spanking' was over I was taken back into the house and the spanking continued with me in the otk position until my bottom was all red and sore ....

The girl in the pics below must have been really worried about being 'discovered'. I am sure that heavy strap made quite some noises. I wonder if some hikers heard at least from a distance.
Also her bottom looks really sore in the last picture.

Oh the thought of being taken to a quiet place into the woods for a spanking or thrashing ......

Welcome to my little corner!

After lurking and looking at different spanking blogs and spanking pictures on the net for some time now I finally decided to start my own blog.

Of course I am also naughty enough to get spanked, caned, strapped and paddled at times and put into a corner before or afterwards to contemplate !
.... but more of that in the near future ...